Easy presentation

With M-Power presentation and editing of tables and graphs is fast and easy.

Quick searching

Searching for information needed for one time situation, for example the telephone charges for the previous year, is intuitive.


Materials can be directly exported to Office reports, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Strong encryption level of the M-Power software ensures secure storaging of your data.

M-Power is strategic planning software, a navigator, that gives your company realistic income statement projections for the entire accounting period. M-Power creates this realistic route for the goals you set by using its calculation engine to tie your bookkeeping history to your future estimates.


M-Power is a tool, an autopilot that helps the leadership to make swift decisions and prompt changes when needed. You will immediately see even the smallest signals and how different change options would affect your route and your goal.

M-Power can be used for communication around bookkeeping, managing soft information, graphic simulation and searching for small signals. The software has a factual chart of accounts, reality analysis, key performance indicator editor, interim reports and prediction and analysis report of the annual income statement. It also offers reporting through MS-office.

Business Intelligence

M-Power provides the services needed for flexible business information management. Its data flow, data processing and reporting is specifically designed for business intelligence. M-Power works smoothly to provide important services such as collecting data and creating key performance indicators.

M-Power is usable, versatile and interactive.

Monitoring and comparing the budget execution is possible for several past and future financial years.

Including facts in analyzing financial information is easy and efficient.

M-Power does not tie your company to any predetermined pattern but instead integrates to your current needs.